Wednesday, December 7, 2022

1. Home Based Workers Bill

2. Resolution 578 & 270:

The Commission provided its feedback on resolutions seeking protection of women’s rights and elimination of the practice of collecting bride money respectively.

3. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elimination of Custom Ghag Act,2013

Ghag is a customary practice prevalent in parts of the province that used to allowed men to claim girls/women of their choice for their life partners regardless of the consent of the girls/women in question or their families. On the orders of Peshawar High Court the Provincial Government prepared the draft that was reviewed by the Commission. The custom has now been criminalized by legislation.

4. Feedback Cedaw Report For The Year 2016

The Commission gives its input and feedback in the preparaon of Provincial CEDAW Report for the year 2016. The Commission held a meeng with the Finance Department for collecng the data of Gender Base Violence and Violence Against Women. The data collected was complied and sent to the social welfare department for further Acons.