Research, Advocacy and Communication Committee

Research, Advocacy and Communication Committee

Research Members:

  1. Dr. Saba Gul Khattak
  2. Dr. Anoosh Khan

Advocacy Members:

  1. Ms. Shamama Arbab
  2. Ms. Sameena Imtiaz

Communication Members:

  1. Ms. Nargis Sameen
  2. Ms. Seemi Sabah Riaz
  3. Mr. Asif Nisar Ghayasi

The KPCSW is a recommendatory body formed by the KP Government. The committee is an advisory committee to the Commission. Its recommendations are not binding upon the Commission.

The Committee is constituted to provide its recommendations on the subjects below to the Chairperson and the full Commission.

The Committee shall be headed by a chairperson, which shall rotate amongst the members every three months or as deemed convenient by the members of the committee. If need be, a co-chairperson may also be appointed.

Only KPCSW members shall be regular members of the committee. Other subject experts can be invited to meetings of the committee. Government representatives and PCSW staff may also be invited to committee meetings.

The Committee shall meet regularly to coordinate and strategize on the subjects under its purview.

The Committee shall forward its recommendations in writing to the KPCSW Chairperson to be placed before the plenary for approval/discussion.


Research & Policy

  1. Identify and prioritize research needs for the Commission for final approval by the Commission
  2. Review proposed research for action by the Commission
  3. Prepare objectives and priorities of the research, policy and advocacy Committee
  4. Annual Review of KPCSW activities to future functions
  5. Exercise oversight over KPCSW commissioned research

Advocacy & Communication

  1. Identify/ formulate scope and utilization of research
  2. Prepare framework for communication strategy for KPCSW, for
    • Dissemination of outcomes of research findings(along with advocacy on mandated issues)
    • For communication with stakeholders and with Commission members
  3. Advise the committee in preparing and planning of the annual report

The chairperson of the committee may submit any other issue with approval of the members to the KPCSW Chairperson.

Meeting Arrangements and Logistics

Committee meetings will be held quarterly or on needs basis. Where possible, they will take place back to back with regular statutory meetings of the Commission.

Attendance by phone or video-link will be possible for those unable to attend in person.

The most economical travel costs may be reimbursed on government approved rates.

The KPCSW office shall be the secretariat for committee meetings.

All minutes and outputs of the committee meetings will be in writing and a record maintained at the secretariat.

The secretariat shall provide logistical support including minute taking if requested by the committee chairperson.