Domestic Violence Bill

The Domestic Violence Bill

During the year, the Commission continued the process of refining the draft bill for Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) through focused meetings with selected MPAs and lawyers having background in Sharia law. The Bill was sent to the Social Welfare department for vetting to the Law Department. The Law Department sent the bill to Islamic Ideology Council before sending to the Cabinet. The Islamic Ideology Council rejected the DVB.
A new Bill was drafted after the notification of 3rd term of the Commission under the light of observation sent by the Islamic Ideology Council and sent again to the Department on 7th March 2017 for vetting to the law department. The Commission held a meeting with Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for pushing the legislation. Now, the bill will be tabled soon before the Provincial Assembly.

KPCSW Chairperson Ms. Neelum Toru Meeting with Chief Minister KP, Mr. Parvez Khattak on Domestic Violence Bill KP
KPCSW Chairperson Ms. Neelum Toru Lobbying Meeting for Domestic Violence Bill KP with Senior Minister Sikandar Sherpao